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Eloquii by The Limited

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot new line launching next week ~ Eloquii by The Limited! That's right by The Limited.

I've seen previews here and here. WOW! This girl is gonna have one crammed closet. And, may even need to pick-up a second job :)

October 26 is the launch date. I'm setting my alarm and warning my mailman.


~ rissadee
(follow me on - @rissadee)

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Fashionista+ Has Moved...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yes, we finally did it. Fashionista+ has made the leap to Wordpress. New Look. New Features and the best plus size fashion on the net.

Won't you come visit -

See ya there!

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Plus-Sized Fashionistas: Fabulous Style, Fantastic Hair

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flat Irons

Plus-Sized Fashionistas: Fabulous Style, Fantastic Hair

Being a plus size fashionista, you don’t have to wear unflattering clothing and feel less than terrific. There are GREAT options over what was portrayed in the past. Today’s full figured gal embraces the theory that big is, indeed, beautiful, and whether she’s heading to an interview or hitting the town, she always wants to look her best. Some plus size trends can be called into question (I mean, seriously - bubble skirts?!?!), but perfectly styled and healthy looking hair is one thing that will never go out of style. Whether you’ve got curly or straight hair, frizzies and flyaways can instantly ruin your look, even if you’re wearing your most stylish Jimmy Choos or flattering LBD. Flat irons are a simple and effective way to style your hair in minutes and achieve looks that will turn heads.

Professional Flat Irons

Choosing a Professional Flat Iron – When Only the Best Will Do

There are plenty of inexpensive flat irons on the market, but the last thing you want to do is cheap out and get a product that won’t work or will fry your delicate tresses. If you want a product that will last and let you look your best, choose a professional flat iron. These flat irons will automatically adjust to your hair’s thickness and texture to deliver perfect results each and every time. The Babyliss flat iron or the CHI straightener are also excellent choices. The Babyless flat iron reaches temperatures of up to 450 degrees, makes hair shinier, and is safe for fragile to coarse locks. The CHI straightener is the top seller worldwide, and it was this company that first used ceramic plates, now a standard component of quality flat irons. Available in a number of stylish colors and designs, including black, pink, glacier ice (my fave), and stylish blue, this product is an essential addition to any fashionista’s beauty product collection.

Babyliss Flat Irons

Oh, The Possibilities

Whether you choose a CHI straightener, a Babyliss flat iron, or a professional flat iron, you’ll be able to achieve several looks, something that’s essential to fashion trailblazers everywhere. You probably knew that the babyliss flat iron would straighten and smooth your hair, but did you know you can also flip hair with a flat iron with some hairspray and a little practice? If you’re going to a very conservative function and don’t want to flip hair with a flat iron because the daring style would be a little out of place, you can also use your CHI straightener to curl your hair under and let it neatly frame your face. If you already have straight hair and want to do something totally different, you can also use your flat iron to make flawless curls! Straighten, curl or flip hair with a flat iron – one of these looks is sure to be the perfect accompaniment to every outfit in your enviable wardrobe.

IGIGI is Stepping Up The Style Game...

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the IGIGI line. IGIGI has a name that is synonymous with quality- both in workmanship and materials. Not to mention, they are always fashion forward - making the plus size Fashionista look amazing!

I have been finding myself working crazy hours with little to no time to channel my inner 40s Glam Goddess. However, now that I've procured a fabulous pair of Loubous, I need a fabulous dress to rock with the shoes, no? And, like Superwoman to save the day, in swoops IGIGI's Lola dress.*

Look at this lovely.... the hanger does NOT do it justice.

First of all, if you still follow the "style rule" of only wearing jewel tones in the winter/fall season - toss that rule out the window. This is such a rich shade of amethyst, it is seasonless. It's got an asymmetrical neckline and is cut perfectly.

However, ladies, be sure to wear some Spanx with it because, it fits like a glove. I'm not talking tight where Clinton & Stacey** will be doing a style intervention but stylish where it hits at all the right places. One thing I have to say about IGIGI's sizing - they are not at all like some of those other retailers *cough cough* Avenue *cough cough* Lane Bryant *cough cough* whose sizing is like tossing the dice in Vegas. IGIGI's clothing is true to size. After a period of wearing suits and casual work clothes, etc., it felt great to dress up and go out in style.
Next on this gal's style radar - the Paloma Belted Dress. After all, now that I've channeled my inner 40s screen siren, I just can't look back. Now if only I could figure out my shoe selection to go with...

Many thanks to IGIGI for making a gal feel like a million bucks! And, let me tell you a secret - they are having a KILLER SALE so what are you waiting for - GET THEE TO IGIGI!

* At the time of writing, the Lola dress was sold out but they have a huge selection of gorgeous dresses to choose from.
**Hello - speaking of. When will Clinton & Stacey feature IGIGI's designs on some of the gorgeous plus size gals that are featured on What Not To Wear? Someone get a show producer on the phone - stat.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

One thing about being a plus size fashionista, I can always count on shoe luv to bring up the spirits when I've had "one of those days/weeks/months" and not feel an iota of guilt because, while my waistline is shrinking (thanks Wiggs!!), my shoe closet is not.

The big whisper around the fashion-sphere is nude. Having a pair of nude heels that I went crazy to get, I learned that nude shoes look chic, timeless and can transcend many seasons. The L.A.M.B. Tailynn had me at hello and now I'm determined to have these be the next ones that I'm saving up my pennies for...

Now, one of the problems is, of course, the ankle strap so it definitely needs to be tried on. With the wrong placement, it can just be disaster. Good thing with online purchases, returning them is a snap, especially with Couple that with cash back and coupons for your favorite retailer and you are golden!

What's your shoe obsession for the Spring season?

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Yay or Nay: Lane Bryant's Ruffle Faux Wrap Dress...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You can tell Spring is in the air as I'm on a dress kick this month.

While surfing the 'Net, I noticed Lane Bryant's Ruffle Faux Wrap dress and while it seems summery and fresh with the polka dots, I thought that I'd reach out to you for your opinion.

What say you - Yay or Nay?

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Guilty of Idiocy (Again): Lane Bryant's Cacique line...

Friday, March 06, 2009

How many times do you, as a plus size fashionista, swear off all things poorly made and is not quality? Better yet, how many times do you buy something at Lane Bryant only to have it last three to four wearings?

That's what I'm going through with their Cacique bras. I spent quite a bit of money there recently as I finally decided to take the Oprah challenge and get the RIGHT size bra and invest in some "quality" pieces. Well, quality - that's a term that I find debatable.

Right now, after two bras either popping their underwire or falling apart after TWO wearings - yeah, I'm SO done. Those bras retail for $30-40 APIECE. Sure, many times they run the Buy 1 Get One 1/2 off or a coupon but still - after dropping a nice chunk of change on new bras, to have these fall apart was beyond discouraging. And, for that, I need to bid adieu to poorly made crap and make some quality decisions - and that means swearing off Lane Bryant. What used to stand for quality and class is now cheap, poorly made and just not worth the insanely high prices they charge. I bought a bra at Ashley Stewart that runs circles around the Cacique disaster which looked great but didn't hold up AT ALL.

Lane Bryant - how many times are you going to disappoint your target audience? The more corners you cut and quality you skew in favor of a quick profit will only make us take our money elsewhere.

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